I don't think this is Kansas…

Day 9


That’s a 7lb loss in one week. I know that’s not something to expect every week, but I am pretty excited about that big of a change. I’ll start working out next week (I want to give my body 2 weeks to get adjusted to the change in eating/calories) and re-shock my system.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Juice first thing in the morning since I’m never hungry enough to eat a full meal
  • Juice for snacks and dessert
  • Salad with protein for lunch or dinner
  • I drink a ton of water throughout the day and have cut out most artificial sweeteners/ sugar (I used to drink Crystal Light like it was going out of style)
  • Snack on fresh fruit/ veggies/ nuts if I need something to hold me over between meals

If I’m gone during the day I will prepare a juice and freeze it the night before so that I can have it the following day when I don’t have access to a juicer. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than other quick food options.

I also try to maintain a strict regime throughout the week and relax on the weekend. Now, I don’t throw out my plan when Friday rolls around, but I am more lenient in my eating if I have social events. I’m young and love to socialize so the only way this change will be successful is if I make it adaptable to my lifestyle.

310.6 is a good start, but by no means am I content.


Comments on: "Day 9" (2)

  1. Wow 7lbs in one week! that is loads!

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